Equitable Investors Dragonfly Fund has the capability to "swap" shares in a company or companies for Dragonfly Fund units - where Equitable Investors finds the shares attractive and suitable investments.

If you qualify as a wholesale investor and have an orphan stock in your portfolio that you would swap for an interest in a professionally managed unit trust, please click the "Express Interest" button and tell us more or get in touch with contact@equitableinvestors.com.au.

The same goes if you own any of the companies we highlight in Dragonfly Fund updates and have an interest in swapping stock for fund units.

Why would you swap direct equity in a company or companies for an investment in Dragonfly Fund?

Equitable Investors is experienced at actively working with stakeholders to realise or create value that may not be recognised in the current stock price - and in maimising value from difficult situations

  • The time and effort required to manage the investment yourself may be too great

  • You may benefit from diversification into a broader portfolio of investments

  • You may benefit from improved liquidity

  • You may be in a position to crystallize capital losses for tax purposes

Of course, we recommend investors seek financial advice and taxation advice.

Why would Equitable Investors want to issue units in Dragonfly Fund in return for receiving your shareholding in a company or companies?

We will only be interested in doing so if we see an opportunity to create value for the Fund's unitholders.

  • We may already own a specific stock and have a positive bias

  • We may see a new opportunity

  • Equitable Investors invests independently of consensus and that means we look beyond the prevailing market sentiment

On the other hand, we may think the market is correctly down-beat; or that the market is excessively optimistic in its pricing of a stock; or that the stock in question will not fit within our porfolio construction parameters - in which case we will respectfully decline.