Responsible Investment

Equitable Investors is committed to effectively managing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues so that risks and opportunities are identified and properly assessed. We recognise that companies with good ESG practices can enhance shareholder returns while poor practices can be indicative of businesses that are unsustainable. Therefore, ESG factors are woven into day-to-day investment management decision making and is the responsibility of the entire investment team.

We believe that a company’s approach to managing ESG issues can have a meaningful impact on the company’s long term economic sustainability and success. Companies that act in a responsible way are likely to perform better over the long term.

We see it as logical that we should factor ESG into the investment process. Avoiding the risks associated with poor ESG will optimise investment returns over the medium to long term. Including ESG issues in our investment process is consistent with our objectives as an active investment manager.

ESG considerations

  • Environment

    • strategic moves towards sustainability;

    • commitment to address the environmental impact of a company’s activities; &

    • environmental policies including commitment to monitoring and publicly reporting on these policies.

  • Social

    • systems for managing health and safety;

    • policies promoting employee training and development; &

    • involvement in charitable/community work.

  • Governance

    • having a separate chair and chief executive;

    • having more than 33% of the board as independent non-executive;

    • having an audit committee, and the majority of whose members are independent non-executives; &

    • Compliance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles where practical.


  • Equitable Investors engages constructively with the boards and management teams of its investees and will promote a positive ESG position and offer advice or express concern where warranted;

  • Equitable Investors' investment process is focused on medium-to-long-term value and therefore the qualitative and quantitative assessment of any investment will include analysis of the ESG risks and the company’s positioning in relation to those risks.

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